who are we?

Nex Level Fitness is a functional training facility that delivers dynamic, effective workouts for every age and level. Whether you are a beginner, a weekend warrior, competitive athlete or fitness enthusiast, we are the perfect facility to take your fitness to the Nex Level. 



what we do


Your time at the gym has become an essential part of who you are. It is a lifestyle choice that leaves you feeling strong, energetic, and refreshed. Some may spend two hours working out, others may only have time for a 30-minute sweat session, or maybe you simply want to wind down with a cool, low-intensity pilates class to clear your mind after a long work-day. We understand that your schedule is dynamic and that is why we have created the perfect mix of group fitness and personal training to fit in to your tight schedule. So, we've made the whole fitness thing an integral part of your lifestyle, but what about the energy in this place? It is unmatched.

The friendly, energetic, tight-knit community at Nex Level Fitness will have you leaving with a smile on your face. From the warm spirited person set-up next to you in class to the helpful trainers on staff, you will feel at home. Our functional fitness facility has organically grown into what it is today because of the people, like you, that inhabit it daily. We are not a specialized gym. We do not promote one type of training because we understand that fitness evolves. One day spinning, the next strength training, and the following jumping into plyometrics or keeping the beat in step-class. Our variety will keep you happy and keep you going! Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle, in which longevity is the number one goal, will not feel like a chore anymore. 


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"transform your life"

"Nex Level Fitness is just the most amazing gym around town...from the facilities, the trainers and the classes to the members that show up with smiles on their faces. Nex Level has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a life consisting of healthy eating and regular fitness. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is looking for a gym that can transform your life. I was never a gym-goer and now I feel slighted if I miss getting there."
  - Paula Harland

"ALl about results"

Michelle Bauer and all of the trainers are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. The environment is convivial and not the least bit intimidating. Every gender, age, and fitness level is represented and all are made to feel welcome. That said, Nex Level is all about results. Take one of their classes and you will sweat more than you thought humanly possible. In the end, you will reap the rewards for your efforts in how much better you look and feel. Best of all, they help you make necessary lifestyle adjustments that will enable you to sustain the results. Nex Level is by far the best fitness center/program I have ever experienced
 - Tanya Bamford

"positive energy"

"Nex Level Fitness is one of a kind, an extraordinary place that gives fitness a whole new meaning. A place full of exceptional trainers who are passionate about their jobs and the success of every single members fitness journey, a place full of so much inspiration and positive energy, everyone pushing, believing and rooting for each other. A place where goals become a reality and strangers become family."
 - Megan Rotz

"A world away from other gyms"

"I absolutely love this place!!! I have been to 8 other gyms in the area- and this place is the bomb! I walked in and looked at all of the 35 to 60 yr olds in the most amazing shape, all happy,  friendly and welcoming and said I'm staying here! It's a world away from other gyms."
 -  Hillary Cuff