Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated and came out to support Dr. Derek Gearhart in his fight against Lymphoma! Dr. Derek's Dash Workout-A-Thon was a HUGE SUCCESS and here are some highlights to prove it.

From Dr. Derek Gearhart, Friend, Healer & Chiropractor, and WARRIOR!

Words cannot express the support I got this past weekend. The community has been amazing. Very special thanks to Michelle Shea Bauer & Adrianne M. Ortiz for all their work. ‪#‎NexlevelFitness‬ & ‪#‎AMOFit‬ along with Mike Subs,John BairShane Petrellis & Andrew for putting on some great classes for the event. I know I'm forgetting people, and I'm sorry. Thank you everyone for everything!

From Leslie Miller Gearhart‎, SuperMOM & wife of Dr. Derek Gearhart


I just wanted to thank Michelle Shea Bauer of Nex Level Fitness and Adrianne M. Ortiz for organizing this AMAZING & fun event! Derek and I sincerely appreciate every donation, volunteer, and participant who helped make this day a major success!! As I said at the event, we are overwhelmed by the love and support we've received through this difficult time and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 💚💚💚

From Michelle Bauer, and the Nex Level Fitness Team

Thank you all that came out today for Dr Derek's Dash! Thank you to all participants, Instructors, trainers, family, volunteers and overwhelming support of an amazing community. Between our consignment sale, bingo night, and final event today we raised over $16,000. AMAZING 💚💚💚💚
Just goes to show Derek Gearhart and Leslie Gearhart are 2 very special and loved people. Keep fighting Derek, we all need you!!! 
MIke Subs, Adrienne Ortiz, John Bair, Joey Szatmary, Ashley Jolinsky, Lorie Terwilliger, Kelly Knupel, Ben Vozzo, Rachel Anderson, Branden Smith, Nick Carone, Nicole White, Kim McPoyle and the amazing Nex Level guys ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!!! 💪💚💪💚

From Mike Subs, who led the Deadlift Competition ("Party").

Here were the guidlines: Teams of 2-5, teammates take turns completing sets (5-8 reps) for 30 minutes. Buy-in was $5 and for every set completed that teammate donates $1. Bars went up to 225 lbs. Here are the stats:
3,557 Total Reps

THATS 280 Tons lifted for Derek!

From Sean Casey, who organized the "Laps for Derek" 

We ran from 8am-12pm, continuously handing off a baton. When someone came back they either ran another lap or handed it off. Some ran individually, some in small groups, the participation was consistent and more than willing! WE RAN 33 MILES IN TOTAL! 

Chris Bauer.JPG


oh and this :)