About Nex Level Fitness

Nex Level Fitness has been delivering dynamic, effective workouts in the area to a loyal following for over 7 years.  What started as a bootcamp and personal training business, Michelle combined her two passions:  fitness and wanting to help others. Nex Level Fitness has continued to create fun and effective workouts in an inspiring, supportive and energetic atmosphere.   

Nex Level isn’t a gym, it’s a functional training facility that excels in: Group Fitness, Personal Training & Athletic Training.  When you first visit Nex Level Fitness you'll be quick to notice that we have the most Dynamic & Energetic team of Instructors and Trainers in the area! 

We are proud to call Nex Level Fitness one of  the area's  first Functional Training Centers offering a wide variety of Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training and Athletic Training. All the Trainers & Instructors at Nex Level work hard to promote a Family-Friendly and Healthy Atmosphere for everyone! With one visit to  Nex Level, you'll quickly notice that other gyms sell "memberships" and we sell RESULTS!