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Congratulations to Rachel Dodaro on her acceptance to West Point Military Academy! Upon applying, Rachel found out she'd undergo a strength and endurance test. Here's her story:

"At the time, I (could not) do pull-ups and very few push-ups. I immediately decided to come to Nex Level Fitness and train with Michelle because she had previously helped me to strengthen my upper body enough to do push-ups correctly. I knew that she would be the one to push me to be my best and train me to pass my tests, but from my very first workout at Nex Level, I got way more than I was expecting. Everyone- every trainer and everybody working out- has been so supportive, kind, and fun to be around, which helped me to keep going and stay positive throughout my training. Every time I worked out- whether in a class or a private training session, I have been pushed by each trainer to go outside my comfort zone, and I have been motivated by everyone else to go even farther. Thanks to my hard work, Michelle's training, and everyone's support, I- a girl who could not even lift myself a tiny bit on a pull-up bar just 10 months ago- have passed my CFA with above average scores and even impressed the test administrators with my five pull-ups. Thanks to Michelle and everyone at Nex Level Fitness for helping me perform above and beyond anything I imagined I was capable of. I look forward to many more fun and challenging workouts!"

My son has been training here since the winter season of 2013. Mostly his training has been to increase his cardio, agility, and core strength for soccer. However, when we told the NexLevel trainers that my son was competing in a Kids Only 3K the coming weekend, he was given a specific training session for running a road race. It was because of these training tips and his quicker sprint recovery time that my son medalled. At the end of the race course, there was a hill. Since he was conditioned by NexLevel, his recovery time was quicker. He overtook the next runner in the last quarter mile. Without this extra training, he would have missed getting on the podium for this event. The best part is my son loves his sessions at NexLevel. They are fun and what he learns gives him results. It has made him very proud of himself. Thank you so much Michelle and Shane.
— Susan Campbell
First, the past weeks have been awesome! I have not felt so good in a long time. I always have a ton of energy, but now I don’t need the coffee as much, don’t get the 2:00 drowsiness, and love to work out!

I also love seeing the weight come off, but also the transformation in my body.

Second, I am eating healthier then ever, my kids are now eating healthier as well. It makes for fun conversation around the house!

Third, I annoy the crap out of people telling them about the last six weeks, about my diet And my workouts. And I can care less. Lol

Lastly, the people I have met have been awesome! People I would never have met inspire me or make me laugh! It is enjoyable to come to nexlevel!

I want to thank all three of you (Michelle, Andrew, Shane) for helping us get up to speed and learn new ways to work out and enjoy life!

We are definately joining the gym and can’t wait for more WODs, circuits, and other classes we have yet to experience!!!

Keep up the great work!!!
— Greg and Nikki Sterling
Just wanted to send you a humungous THANK YOU! As Addy’s senior year is winding down and the excitement of her upcoming opportunities at Central Michigan is getting closer, it’s clear how much impact her training at NexLevel has had on her goals. “Serious commitment, serious results” is no lie! As parents of a student athlete, we felt it necessary to provide every opportunity for success, so when she asked several years ago to have you as a personal trainer we thought it was a great idea. You’ve prepared her in ways that are impossible to achieve by trying to do it yourself. Your no nonsense approach, encouragement and knowledge of physiology have prepared her physically and mentally to be ready to play at a division one field hockey program. There is no greater joy in life than seeing your child exceed their goals and we are eternally grateful for your training and classes which have been equally beneficial” “Without a doubt , Michelle is the unsung hero responsible for our Teams success. Besides having knowledge and passion about sport specific conditioning , Michelle has a special way to genuinely engage and motivate each individual player. Just imagine having a bunch of 14 year old boys who are actually looking forward to an exhausting workout … priceless
— Liz Marshall