Intimidating to some? We've heard it all.

Challenging for most? The intensity in this place is unmatched

Fit for ALL? Absolutely! We welcome ALL fitness levels. 

Your time at the gym has become an essential part of who you are. It is a lifestyle choice that leaves you feeling strong, energetic, and refreshed. Some may spend two hours working out, others may only have time for a 30-minute sweat session, or maybe you simply want to wind down with a cool, low-intensity pilates class to clear your mind after a long work-day. We understand that your schedule is dynamic and that is why we have created the perfect mix of group fitness and personal training to fit in to your tight schedule. So, we've made the whole fitness thing an integral part of your lifestyle, but what about the energy in this place? It is unmatched.

The friendly, energetic, tight-knit community at Nex Level Fitness will have you leaving with a smile on your face. From the warm spirited person set-up next to you in class to the helpful trainers on staff, you will feel at home. Our functional fitness facility has organically grown into what it is today because of the people, like you, that inhabit it daily. We are not a specialized gym. We do not promote one type of training because we understand that fitness evolves. One day spinning, the next strength training, and the following jumping into plyometrics or keeping the beat in step-class. Our variety will keep you happy and keep you going! Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle, in which longevity is the number one goal, will not feel like a chore anymore. 

The relationships I’ve formed at Nex Level have forever changed me.
— Michelle Bauer, Owner