Overworked and Specialized: The Injured Athlete

We came across this short article about athletes specializing in one sport and being overworked and had to share! Why? Because we preach this at Nex Level Fitness. 

Athletes, particularly underdeveloped youth athletes benefit greatly from learning general athletic movement patterns such as running, jumping, landing, throwing, catching, swimming, shooting, rolling, lifting, etc. 

Can this be achieved by playing and training for one sport? We think not.

That is why we hold sports performance classes for youth athletes that emphasizes general athletic patterns. Sure, we will train a soccer player for explosive leg power and a baseball player for rotational mobility and stability. However, the foundation of any session is always quality motor development for general athletics. 

Read on to see what Dr. James Andrews has to say. This brilliant orthopedic surgeon is THE doctor to go to for ligament repairs in professional sports. He has also written a book called, Any Given Monday: Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches - Based on My Life in Sports Medicine.

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