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Thank you Michael J for such an amazing testimonial. It brought a tear to my eyes and fills my heart to know I have made an impact. Thanks for trusting me through the process!

My name is Michael Jaskelewicz. I am a dance teacher and the Owner & Director of Synergy Dance Center in Montgomeryville, PA. At home, I am the father of two beautiful little girls. I’ve known Michelle for over 12 years, but my real story with her begins right before my wedding about 7 years ago.

At the time, I was working in the corporate world post-college grinding away. Truly, I wasn’t happy with where I was professionally and was always looking for something more. Due to the constant stress that I was under, I allowed myself to develop a lifestyle that made me extremely sad, overweight, eating whatever and whenever I wanted, drinking a lot, and nowhere near a gym at all. Well...I tried “gyms” at the time, but there was NO motivation and NO accountability.

After seeing my engagement pictures, I said “I need to make a change”. If I can be happy doing one thing, I know it would be being active again because as a dancer, that is who I am. I am NOT the person I see in these pictures. I reached out to Michelle to see where she was training at the time. Not going to lie, my first small group session was tough. I couldn’t make it past the halfway point of the class. The next day, I texted Michelle and said “I am coming back, I am ready to do this”. 

I attended small group training sessions at least 3 times per week, and I was getting the hang of things. It was over the summer that Michelle announced that she would be opening a Group Fitness & Functional Training Facility. Like HER OWN PLACE! Not only that, but she had asked me to teach an adult dance class at her new place when they open! 

A couple of months go by and Nex Level Fitness in Chalfont was open. I taught my two classes per week and had a blast. But what I realized after Week One in Michelle’s new business was what an amazing place this was. I was hooked. I was eating clean, working hard in the fitness classes and bootcamps. I was in the BEST shape of my life at that point. Not only that, but I was HAPPY. Nex Level Fitness, Michelle Bauer and the Coaches at her facility were my happy place. It was my place to escape the job, that I still hated and didn’t know how to get out of...more on that later.

Michelle introduced me to a whole new world of fitness. She trained me to teach Step, weight classes, Plyo Classes and more. I went on to get my Group Fitness & Personal Trainer Certifications. Soon enough, in addition to my full-time gig, I was teaching at Nex Level for roughly 10 hours per week and loved it!

Skip ahead a year or two. I was in full-swing at Nex Level Fitness and working at an IT company as a Sales Manager. Michelle presented me with the opportunity to begin holding dance classes for kids in her facility, which would soon become Synergy Dance Center. 

You see, at the time Michelle helped me realize the potential that the human body can become by teaching me the awesomeness of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she taught me everything in how to be a rockstar trainer and group fitness instructor. In the time that I was running my dance studio at Nex Level Fitness, Michelle and I bounced ideas off of one another, worked on how to build business together and more. More importantly, I was able to see what hard work goes into building and maintaining a successful business. This was the start of my coaching with her. 

I was eventually laid off from my corporate job. I had a 1 year old little girl and a new home that my wife and I just purchased. Now, I don’t have a full-time salary, I am only working 10 hours a week at Nex Level Fitness and I have a VERY small business that could be sustainable. Looking back, it came at a good time. Michelle’s business was growing and mine was too. It was time for me to find my own space. I approached Michelle about it and she helped me realize that as long as you put the work in, you can get out of your business what you want.

Skip ahead again by about 2 years. Synergy Dance Center was doing VERY well in its own facility in Montgomeryville. I was still working at Nex Level. More importantly, Michelle and I now had a relationship that we were 100% able to talk about our businesses and how we can continue growth. In my eyes, Michelle now had this AMAZING business that I couldn’t even imagine building at my studio. But the entrepreneur inside of me knew that I needed her help.

Over time, I needed to focus on Synergy, and leave Nex Level Fitness as an instructor. It broke my heart, but I KNEW that I needed to do it. Shortly after, I begin to become consumed with my business. How to make ends meet, how to make payroll, how to do everything myself. In all honesty, when I left Nex Level, I didn’t continue with my personal fitness journey. I tried, but I was disinterested completely. Not only that, but I stopped talking to Michelle regularly. Here and there, I’d send a message looking for advice. But that was it. Looking back now, that was a huge problem because Michelle Bauer & Nex Level Fitness were a HUGE part of my life for 5+ years. Cutting that rope was not intentional, but it just happened because I let it happen. The consequence: My health, My Happiness, My Family, My Business. 

Before I hit the end of this transformation and growth story, I have to tell you about a short conversation I had with Michelle Bauer in April 2018. I finally stepped back into Nex Level Fitness for her famous “Muscle Mix” Weight Class and found myself extremely sad. I once again let myself go. I was unhappy, overweight, and consumed with my business and paying the bills. Saying I struggled in that class is an understatement. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t get through a class that I used to teach! After that class, I asked Michelle if we could chat. I poured all the feelings out there to her. We had some tough discussions about myself, being a business owner, what it takes. And she’s the only person in my life that actually understands because she has a family, she lives for her passion, and she runs that business. That is when the business coaching and mentoring from Michelle truly started. She gave me tasks and held me accountable. The lines of communication were back in full swing. Over the summer, I expanded my facility and more than doubled in size of customers by September. However, I didn’t step back into Nex Level to take time for myself. To get myself back to where I am happy, fit, healthy.

Now to get to the grand finale of this story. It was this past January. My business was great, my wife and daughters were more beautiful than ever, but I was unhappy. Unhappy to the point where I was tired all the time, totally out of shape and just extremely sad. I was sitting in my car one night outside of the studio and texted my wife asking her if I should take a nap in my car or go to Nex Level Fitness to take a class. Her response: “Go there. It will make you happy”. I went and it changed the rest of my night and my future outlook. I texted Michelle after class and simply said “Thank You. I missed this. I needed it, and I WILL be back to make a change.”

Over the past 6 months back at Nex Level Fitness, I have been working hard to become the person I want to be from a fitness perspective. I know what I need to do, have made it happen and will continue to do so. Most importantly I AM HAPPY. What was missing in my life was Nex Level Fitness and Michelle Bauer. Without her and her amazing community, I am not truly myself. I am “fit” once again and will keep doing it. From a business owner perspective, Michelle and I now talk regularly (again) about our businesses. Honestly, I have a LONG way to go because she has built an empire. That is what I want and I WILL have it. She is an awesome mentor that I look up to for my business.

I could go and tell you about every single conversation, fitness training discussion, and business mentoring discussion that Michelle and I had. However, I want you to realize that Michelle Bauer and Nex Level Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. I am happy. My wife sees my happiness and she thrives off of it too. My kids are happy because I am happy. I’m not taking naps all the time anymore, well still a few. Health & Fitness has become a FAMILY thing for us. My wife joined me in my journey to the lifestyle. My oldest daughter now says “I want to be strong like Mommy & Daddy”, while showing us her muscles. My business is booming; we’re expanding again! I am even teaching at Nex Level Fitness for one hour a week with my favorite class, Step! Lastly, it is my responsibility as a father to be healthy for my daughters, to be there in the future, and to be me for them.

I could say “I wouldn’t be where I am without her”, but that isn’t true. I wouldn’t be where I am without her holding me accountable for my health, my business, my happiness. Michelle won’t hunt you down if you’re not ready to work, nor should she. You won’t find success in ANYTHING if you don’t do it yourself. What Michelle WILL do is hold you accountable for your actions and what you need to do to accomplish the goals you have for yourself. That is why I am who I am as a Fit & Healthy person, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Father and Husband that I am today.

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