You need more (high quality) protein.

How does your body regulate blood sugar? 

How does your body build new cells?

How does your body regulate hormone production?

How does your body stimulate bone growth?

How do your muscles repair?

If you have all of the answers (without Google's help) then you may be a biochemist. Maybe not. Maybe you just know your stuff. Regrdless, the answers for all of the questions involve protein. These mechanisms are dynamic, and hard to understand, but know this: without enough protein, your body will not properly regulate blood sugar, hormone production, cell integrity, bone growth, and muscle repair. Therefore, protein supports a healthy immune system, muscle and bone integrity, and healthy weight. 

OK, you get it. Eat more protein. Now, what to eat? Well, the answer is in the title, high quality protein. But what makes one protein high quality and another not. 

Buy organic when you can but please avoid cured meats at all costs. These have nitrates, which have been known to cause lymphoma, blood cancer. They are toxic to the body, and the more toxins the body has to fight, the less fat it releases. So buy the nitrate free bacon, avoid hot dogs, lunchmeats, etc, and stay lean friends.