5 Tips to Get the Most out of your Detox

Nex Level is happy to be there for you after a heavy Thanksgiving night, but soon you'll regain the lightness you felt before the holiday. Whether you've chosen to reboot with our 14 Day Detox Meltdown or not, read these 5 tips for a better, more balanced you. 

Find a morning routine.

  1. Take 15 minutes to go for a walk
  2. Enjoy a new herbal tea instead of coffee
  3. Practice a few yoga poses
  4. Run through Andrew's 5 minute hip and core warm up
    1. Hydrants / hip circles - 10 each side
    2. Groiners - 10 each side
    3. Hip Flexor Stretch - 30s each side (Lunge on the ground with your back knee down and your front knee bent 90 degrees so your front foot is flat on the ground. Drive your hips down and forward while reaching the arms straight overhead, maintaining an upright posture. Squeeze your back leg glute for a better hip flexor stretch.) 
    4. Reverse Crunch - 10 reps (Lie on your back, and extend your legs out in front of you maintaining tension in the core. Then crunch your knees in to your chest as your hips slightly roll up off of the ground. Repeat.)
    5. Lying windshield wipers - 8 each side (Lie on your back and reach your arms out to the sides- this forms a T position with the body. Pick your legs straight up, then drop them to the right while squeezing your obliques. Stop just above the ground and draw the legs back up to center pulling through the obliques once more. Repeat on the other side. 
    6. Side Lunge - 10 each side
    7. Squat - 15
    8. Plank - 20s (squeeze EVERYTHING as tight as possible!)
  5. Meditate (see below)


  1. Science has revealed numerous benefits to training the mind with meditation. (These should sound familiar because training the body through exercise results in many of the same benefits.)
    1. Lower blood pressure
    2. Lower heart rate
    3. More confidence / Less anxiety
    4. Improved blood circulation
    5. Reduced cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  2. Types of Meditation 
    1. Concentration
      1. focus on a mantra (word or phrase), candle, or simply the breath. 
    2. Mindfulness
      1. Be aware of thoughts, acknowledging their presence, then let them wash away like the tide rising and falling. 
      2. Soon this practice will translate to daily life as you become aware of the thoughts that arise, leading to judgements and conclusions.
      3. Eventually you'll be able to acknowledge your thoughts without speaking or acting on them, resulting in responsible actions rather than reactions

Drink more water

  1. Hopefully you've kicked the soda can, diet iced teas, and sugar-loaded "sports" drinks. 
  2. Sip on water between meals to keep you full. 
  3. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger! The body sends signals for hydration when there is too much bulk in the diet- it wants to dilute the food its metabolizing. 

Get a massage

  1. Studies show it improves circulation and reduces inflammation. 
  2. Studies show it feels freakin amazing. 

Plan your meals

  1. Having a plan makes cleansing the body a bit easier because most foods we reach for on the go are pro-inflammatory. 
  2. Buy fresh herbs such as parsley and cilantro, which bind heavy metals in the body. 
  3. Know where you can buy organic produce and wild caught fish. Whole foods and Wegman's are our go-to stops for fresh food. 

There you have it- 5 tips for a better you (while detoxing or not). Let us know what practices help you stay on track and feel great.