Which Juice Should You Pick?

With so many great options, its hard to pick just one. Drinking the same one everyday will do no harm, but the body works best off of a variety of nutrients. Therefore, a GREEN juice one day, ORANGE the next, RED the day after that, and then two HYDRATORS would do you well.

When picking a juice Doc Bakers suggests focusing on the first two ingredients (the most abundent) and what their function is in the body. So let's take a look at some of the juices sitting in our refrigerator right now. 

The following ingredients may help with:

Cucumber - hydration (found in brightEMERALD, detoxBLUE)

Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Dandelion (greens) - healing through detoxification, increases alkalinity of the blood, metabolizes toxins (brightEMERALD, brightGREEN, inLOVE, detoxBLUE, sweetGREEN, enRICH, inspireBLACK)

Cilantro & Parsley- heals the body through the binding of heavy metals (detoxBLUE, brightEMERALD, brightGREEN)

Lemon & Lime - increases the alkalinity of the blood (HYDRATORS- coolBLUE, brightSILVER, cherry lemonade; JUICES - fusionZEST, inLOVE, deepRED, brightEMERALD)

Carrots - vitamin A for skin health and sugar for fuel after a sweaty workout (fusionZEST, deepRED, reJOICE)

Oranges - vitamin C for antioxidant support; repairs the body to improve recovery time; cleans the body after exercise; improves the absorption of L-Arginine, a molecule that increases circulation (fusionZEST)

Grapefruit - detoxification (fusionZEST) 

Beets - increases elasticity of blood vessels; improves circulation to skin and liver (deepRED, inSPIRE black, enRICH)

Apples - fights inflammation; sustained energy (enRICH, inLOVE, deepRED, reJOICE, brightGREEN, inSPIRE black)

Almonds - protein for recovery, healthy fats for energy stores (sparkleWHITE, Vanilla Mound Protein Shake, Cocao Protein Shake)

Dates - sustained energy (sparkleWHITE)

Blue Algae - fights inflammation (HYDRATORS - coolBLUE; JUICES - detoxBLUE)

Cayenne - increases circulation; "opens up your sinuses" (HYDRATORS - coolBLUE)

Cherries - fights inflammation (cherry lemonade)

Peppermint - digestion; settles stomach (mintGREEN)

Ginger - digestion, settles stomach, may clear sinuses (deepRED, inLOVE, brightEMERALD, reJOICE)

Coconut Water - hydration (HYDRATORS - brightPINK, coolBLUE, brightSILVER)


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