The 1 and ONLY Reason You Need To Practice Yoga After A Weekend Of Shoveling

Your back hurts and if it doesn't yet, it is likely compromised because of the awkward positions the spine moves through as you aggressively scoop up countless pounds of heavy snow. 

As you know, yoga emphasizes proper spinal alignment through a series of movements and poses. As you move your muscles, bones and joints through a full range of motion, the spine- all the way from the pelvic floor up to the neck and head- decompresses from the awkward positions you put it in while shoveling. 

Oh but you used a snow blower! You're good then. You probably stood up tall with retracted shoulders, a neutral chin and head position and are in absolutely perfect alignment...


So why does this alignment stuff matter anyway? Maybe you've never injured your back. Maybe shoveling won't compound your forward head position while texting, on the computer or watching TV(I'm adjusting my spine as I type). Maybe you never tilt your head while chatting on the phone, or round your shoulders while sitting at the dinner table or driving... 

It matters because it only takes a straw to break the camels back. 

We can all relate. No one is perfect. I'll probably go shovel after writing this and not use my legs as much as I should. 

But, luckily we have yoga. It doesn't need to be your religion. However, it should find its way INTEGRATING into your weekly exercise choices. 

So integrate and align. Or find an excuse and stay crooked :/

With a big smile on,


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