Dr. Derek's Impact on Our Lives - Please Share Yours!

As Dr. Derek's Dash approaches (Sat. May 14 8am-12pm; register here: https://www.facebook.com/events/205121556514816/) we reflect on how he has impacted our lives. Michelle, Andrew, and Shane have shared their experiences with Dr. Derek and we want you to do the same! If you have a story of healing, friendship, or just a brief conversation with him, please share! 

On the topic of influence, friendship and healing, here's what we have to say:

Andrew Radcliffe

I met Dr. Derek when Michelle told me how phenomenal his chiropractic care was. What I didn’t know then is how amazing this man truly is. Derek always puts his Friends, Family, and clients first. When Derek and I started becoming friends I noticed an even deeper bond, His caring nature would always show through as genuine and true. His competitive spirit is something I look to when looking for motivation. Derek is someone I can call a friend, and that is something I am truly happy for.

Michelle Bauer

I met Dr. Derek a few years ago for IT band issues.  Since my first visit, Derek has helped me continue to teach and workout when injury could have stopped me.  With the daily abuse I put on my body, he’s the guy I call when I’m all jacked up.  He always has time to help, not just me…everyone we know.  I am proud to call him our partner, a friend and cannot wait until he is back to his magic of fixing people :)

Shane Petrellis

When I think of Dr. Derek I revisit our conversations about how the body works and what methods we use to optimize performance, but ultimately to live the good life by practicing what we love. For Derek it was a lot of endurance training like running and rowing. Last October I was doing the same, training for a 15 mile obstacle course called the Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe, California. 5 days before flying out overtraining set in, as I developed hip bursitis, so I called my trustworthy friend Dr. Derek. 45 minutes with him and I woke up the next day without hip bursitis. Derek would never claim to be a miracle worker but it goes to show you the effect a professional and friend can have when he applies himself through care, knowledge, and passion.

So he's a healer, a physiology nerd, and most importantly a friend... 

Please share YOUR experiences! We can't wait for Saturday May 14 to roll around because it's going to be a blast! There's been such an amazing effort towards fundraising and planning that it will all come together into an energetic fun day, so don't miss out! Even if you don't personally know Dr. Derek, we would love for you to come out and get a great workout with a great cause in mind. 

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/205121556514816/ for more information and Active.com link.