We Ran The Olympics Course and Here's What You Need To Know!

We did a trial run of the Olympics and have a few important things to share.

First, it was challenging as expected. The elements of running, lifting, and problem solving through team activities are definitely there. We’ve made changes to some stations and completely swapped out others to ensure this event is organized, fun, and of course challenging.

What we didn’t expect was how challenging some of the team activities would be. Some require timing and coordination, while others demand communication, strategy and even flexibility!

Weights, repetitions, and distances have all been manipulated to challenge each division, so whether you’re signed up for Elite, Competitive, or Recreational, plan on being physically and mentally tested.

As physical challenges go, we also experienced different strengths and weaknesses across our trial participants. Where strong arms gave some an advantage, others found their endurance to be a leg-up against competition. Balanced teams will do very well. Teams with good chemistry will do extremely well!

Good luck to everyone on Saturday and thank YOU for participating.  Your donation goes a long way in supporting our cause.