Finding Your Why Is the Key to Success

Last month I attended the 2017 Fitness Business Summit.  And although I heard a ton of quotes and got loaded with great information, the one quote I loved is this one from Steve Weatherford…

“Fitness is the only fair investment that you get 100% return on what you invest.”

Think about it, what else do you invest in that you are guaranteed to get out of it EXACTLY what you put into. Most material things depreciate after you purchase them, sometimes the time you invest in people and relationships, don’t quite live up to your investment.   What other thing in life or business can you say you are guaranteed 100% return on your investment.  Plus, what good is any of that if you don’t have your health so you can enjoy it?

Fitness is different.  If your workout is half ass, you get half ass results.  If you give it 70-75% effort then don’t expect to reach your goals.  If you go into every workout with the decision that you will kill it every single day, push further than you ever have…you will get the results you are striving for.  Dedication, determination, purpose and motivation.

You have to set goals, you have to know your why, have purpose and take action.  The dedication, determination and motivation comes from within.  Fact….NO ONE can motivate you!   The only motivation that truly will get you to your desired results is with in you, you have to know your why.

 So, I ask you...Why do you workout?  Is it to be healthy, to lose weight so you feel better about yourself and have more confidence to maybe go get that job you have always wanted.  Maybe it’s to find a soul mate, husband, wife or significant other?  Maybe just to be the strongest, best version of yourself so you can set a positive example for your kids? 

So think about that…what is your why, what is your purpose?  You need to figure this out, because that is where your fitness journey begins.

Not sure where to start?  Hire a coach!  I have a coach, actually a few coaches that I hired to help me reach my goals. I got into the fitness business because I loved fitness!  Loved helping others reach their goals and realize their full potential.  I didn’t have a business degree, or any real clue how to run a business, manage people or even have a detailed plan set in place.  I needed a coach to help me determine my direction, manage correctly so I can stay open, stay on the cutting edge and continue my dream to help people.   Hiring a coach gives me focus, hold me accountable and most of all I do not want to fail them, myself or waste my money.  And I hired the best, in the business, went right to the top because if I am going to invest my time and money and give a 100% I expect a return on my investment. I am willing to invest in myself and my business to continue to learn and grow and most of all…. work my ass off to reach my goals. 

Fitness is no different other than that, so imagine if you give your fitness 100% effort, can you picture what your body will look like in 60 days, 6 months or a year from now.  Can you picture yourself on vacation, on the beach, at a family reunion? 

As fitness professionals and coaches, we can give you the tools, the facility and the exercises but just remember, the drive, dedication and motivation has to come from within you. We can be motivating, or as I prefer to say encouraging.  We can be your knowledge and support system, but that’s not what got you started, it didn’t make you drive to the gym or go out for a run.  Your why is what got you started, your purpose is what motivates you and you are the only one that can break down the walls you set in front of yourself and you are the only one that puts limiting beliefs on what you can accomplish and the only one that in control of the outcome.

So again, that quote “Fitness is the only fair investment where you get a 100% return on what you invest.”

Make the investment in yourself.  It is just the beginning of changing your life. 

Michelle BauerComment