What 50 can look like....

I challenge myself to reach new goals on a constant basis. Always looking ot improve physically and mentally because how we do anything is how we do everything! 
 I just got back from an amazing conference in Vegas with the top 1% in the fitness industry. Constantly being challenged to get out of our comfort zone and push to new levels, personally, physically and in our business. 
Growing up with body image issues (and believe me as most girls can appreciate, they never totally go away!) and approaching the lovely age of 50, I took the challenge to get out of my comfort zone and see where I can get physically in 10 week Hawt Body Challenge.
It's not easy, it takes commitment but the rewards are worth it. If you need a push, need help reaching your goals or just need a plan to get started in taking control of your life, call me or email me!!! I will commit to helping you reach your full potential.
I would love the opportunity to help you go to the Nex Level :)

Michelle BauerComment