Meet Nancy!

It's time to meet some amazing inspirational women over the age 50 that visit Nex Level on an almost daily basis.  Each week I will be highlighting the women who motivate me and truly make age just a number.    

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Fernandez.  Nancy is genuine, always positive and would give the shirt off her back for anyone....and kicks ass in the gym!  She is a tough one to keep up with :)

Here are a few of the questions that I asked Nancy:

How young are you? 

     53 years young.

Do you have children, if so how many?

     Yes, 2 boys 28 and 25 years old.

What do you do for a living? 

     I am a Project Data Manager working in the pharmaceutical industry in Data Management.  I oversee the quality (QC checks) on the components used to create a clinical database, review, and report on the data collected for a clinical trial.

Has your healthy lifestyle had an impact on your family?  How?

     Yes, most definitely!  A year after joining NexLevel, my husband joined me there to spend more time with me as I was there every evening for two classes and on weekends as well J   Two years later our oldest son joined, followed by his girlfriend.  Our younger son started working out more often after seeing how happy and motivated we all are (unfortunately he is unable to join based on his logistics).

At what age did you start working out?

     I have always been active and was involved in sports throughout school.  I began running for exercise when I was 35 and lifting weights very infrequently at home.  I became a serious/dedicated runner from 43 to 47, however suffered multiple aches and pains from the stress the running put on my body.  I discovered NexLevel Fitness a few months after Michelle opened her doors and it was love at first sight (class)!.  I have never been more fit, felt, and looked better in my life.

What are your inspirations to make fitness a priority in your life?

     ALL of the incredible trainers and people I have met and become friends with at NexLevel are a constant inspiration to me to continually strive to challenge myself, make, and reach new goals.  They also make me feel excited to get to the gym to workout!

Do you have any limitations when it comes to exercise?  Past injuries, current injuries, etc.

If so, what do you do to overcome these limitations?

     I have a right shoulder impingement which limits my range of motion, amount of weight I can lift for certain exercises, and does not allow me to do certain movements.  This causes me great frustration at times when it is particularly bothersome.  Rest, ice, and rehabilitation exercises (along with some ibuprofen) helps, however rest is a concept I have difficulty embracing.

If you could go back to your 20s and 30s, would you change anything and if so what?

     I would focus on taking better care of my body through proper nutrition, exercising daily, and make weight training a higher priority.

If you could give advice to those who think working out is too hard, what would it be?

     Embrace the suck J

     Be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

     You can do anything for a minute.

     Believe in the process; believe in yourself.

     Yes, it will get easier.  When it does, work harder.

What is your favorite indoor form of exercise?

     Tabata, Double Step, WOD, Bootcamp, Spin, Total Body Conditioning….all NexLevel classes.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

     Hiking, biking, kayaking

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